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Friday, January 14, 2011

Working Groups-Please add your ideas as comments

The group divided up into 3 groups to try as smaller groups often get more done.
We discussed what each group would try and achieve

Gardening and Maintenance

·         Accessable,Practical and attractive-should try and keep the garden attractive as well as practical, should be a beautiful space
·         Soil analysis-look to the council for advice (Parks and Rec)
·         Fees for individual plots, keys, tools, equipment and maintenance
·         Plant propagation
·         Seed Saving
·         Improving Soil
o   composting
o   Worm farming
o   Mulch
·         Irrigation
o   Tanks
o   Hoses
o   Pumps
o   Swales
·         Construction
o   Garden Beds
o   Paths
·         Pest management
·         Developing a planting calendar
·         -loose leaf book (children illustrate it and share with wider community
·         Planting, weeding harvesting, especially  communal areas
·         Choice of fruit tree species, pruning
·         Design Skills
·         Education
·         Social
·         Share days
o   Communicate with others e.g. indigenous section
o   Food swap-produce, seedlings, donations
·         BBQ
·         Urn/Tea/facilities
·         Free cycle
·         Communal Working Bee, How many-rotational set time, different days to allow more people to attend

Funding, Promotions and Events

·         Accessing funds from a variety of sources as required by group
o   Grants
o   Raffles
o   Bunning’s BBQ
o   Annual fees
o   Donations
·         Promoting the Community Garden to the wider community in a variety of ways
o   Local newspapers and radio
o   Word of mouth
o   School newsletter/community garden newsletter
o   Local groups such as MC2 , GOG and GSG
o   Signage
o   Letter drops
o   Online presence-Blog, Face book
·         Planning and conducting events for promotion and socialisation
o   Ecofest
o   Guest speakers
o   Inhouse-composting, worm farms etc
o   Sustainable living expo
o   Food swap
o   Film nights?

Planning, Infrastructure and Artwork

·         Storage
·         Propagation area
·         Design of Garden
·         Sculpture
·         Sign
·         Rainwater Tanks
·         Educational
·         Raised Garden Beds
·         Auspising garden and future inc
·         Shared space
·         Individual plots
o   Some discussion over individual plots where should be sited, perhaps in sloping area near school fence, various sizes, people requiring individual plots should help decide ‘rules’ and fees etc
·         Native/indigenous Bush food garden
o   It was decided that we should approach David Tournier and the Wathaurong people to visit site and help design/build a garden either inside the fenced area or outside the gate , but talk with David first, site visit with Vicky and Liz.
·         Toilet and school access

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