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Thursday, December 16, 2010

3rd Meeting and visit to Danawa Community Garden, Tourquay

Manifold Heights Community Garden Minutes
Date 15/12/2010
Location Danawa Community Garden and then coffee shop
Present Trish, Rebecca, Vicky, Craig, Lorna, Pete, Phil, Liz, Katie
Apologies Helen, Helen, Alistair, Gillian

Next Meeting: Wednesday 12th Jan 2011
6.30pm Bar-b-que BYO something to share e.g. salad or desert
58 Wimmera Ave, Manifold Heights
Visited Danawa Com Garden, John kindly showed us around and we learnt lots, what to do and what not to do. See Notes for more detail

Met in coffee shop and Rebecca read the Vision Statement, Vicky pointed out that it didn’t include the Watherong and  School, Rebecca rewrote mission statement including school and that the garden will be on Watherong land. Everyone happy with result.
Type up statement and send out to rest of group
Next meeting
It was mentioned that we should bring the Watherong in early to build a native garden and to be inclusive of all cultures at the school, Liz mentioned that she would have a Libyan boy next year as a student
To follow up with Watherong, namely David Tournier to consult on the space before we start any work on what is significant and important
Art work on wall and as a sign to garden was talked about
Follow up on mosaic work
Trees that are Dead and Weed species to be removed
Rebecca said her partner Tim who is a qualified arborist would probably be happy to do it
Soon as possible
Plan and Design of Site
Geology and Contour map of site to be done and
Next meeting

Planning Map of area so we understand who are neighbours are and what restrictions on site emailed to Vicky and hard copy for meeting
Next Meeting
At Danawa John spoke about the problems when they had to have the water. Mains dug up and the disruptions it caused-stressed importance of dial before you dig
Dial before you dig
Next meeting

Was discussed public liability were we covered by the school
Find out wherever we are covered by the schools insurance
Next meeting
Governance stuff needed, eg management plans etc
Examples of previous ones to be found so we can cut and paste
Email to group ongoing
Funds needed for various actions already
Contact local councillor for a small grant to cover incidentals
Phil-Vicky to send forms
Next meeting
Design of Garden and plan of existing site
Measured plan of existing site and start of design
Pete and Vicky
Next meeting
Discussed that we should break up into smaller groups for different areas, suggested
·                     Planning and Infrastructure (This includes Artwork)
·                     Funding ,Promotions and Events
·                     Gardening and Maintenance of Site

Plan Groups
At next meeting

Notes: Danawa garden was beautiful, and gave us lots of ideas of what worked and what didn’t. We all liked the Mandela Garden and decided we should have one.  They garden communally due to people going away for long periods of time. They were given a tank by Barwon Water and had building built by the apprentices from the Gordon. Received Grants from Bendigo Bank, tables built by Men’s shed.  Have a share the bounty once a fortnight.  Pick and Plant once a fortnight.  There was a plan of the garden. Compost bins. We all liked the whiteboard with what needs to be done.  Crop rotation, through Mandela garden. Garden logo. Greenhouse that was donated.  Lots of water tanks. Shed for activities.  Are visited by schools etc, getting involved in local markets. Will keep in contact for ideas.

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